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The Return to the High Places of Baal

I know a lot of good Catholics. I believe that they’ll receive salvation to the extent that they follow the light and goodness they have. The Catholic Church itself suffers from the same challenge that other partially correct faiths suffer from – they have elements of truth, but elements that are rooted in the philosophies of men. To that extent they’ve lead people away from Christ.

Exclusivism, Inclusivism, and Pluralism

There’s a natural urge to want to allow for anyone’s belief system to right and acceptable. As Christians we don’t want to offend others by dismissing their beliefs as incorrect or misguided. On the other hand the truth about God cannot contradict itself, which it would do if we allowed for all beliefs to be correct. If I believe that God is a piece of carpet, what am I going to find out when I die and go to the next life? I’ll naturally be in for a surprise. Jesus taught that there will be many who profess to know Him at that day but will be rejected by Him. At a minimum this points to the idea that large numbers of people will arrive in the next life and find that things are vastly different than they expected.

A day in the life

I think that the idea of Exclusivism has been the most dominant ideology in history, claiming that there was “no salvation outside the Church”. However, as more people have questioned authority and the world around them, we have greatly strayed from this idea. As we have discussed in class, today the majority of people feel that it is acceptable to have a relationship with God without being a person who regularly attends church.

The idea of exclusivism kind of bothers me in a way because it appears as though those who follow this ideology focus more on telling people who are not of the Church that they are not going to salvation as opposed to just keeping to themselves and focusing on their relationship with God. It is almost as the people who have favored exclusivism in the past feel extremely superior because they are a part of Church and…

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Someone struggling with questions about a weak statement of faith. I like the points being made in the post.

(a)typical amateur

Consider the statement of faith used during Palm Sunday services at my church:

I believe that God made me and is shaping me still, leading me on a journey through life, through death, and into a new creation.

I believe that Jesus Christ watched creation and me being made, that he stepped into our world to travel our path, that he still journeys with me and all people, walking with us through life, through death, and into a new creation.

I believe that the Holy Spirit moves through creation, gathering me and all humanity into relationship and new community, leading us through life, through death, and into a new creation.

I recited it along with everyone else, but without any of the eagerness I heard in some voices. The more of it the congregation read, the more lukewarm and unsubstantial it seemed to be. As Clara Peller used to say…

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Christina presents some interesting challenges: how to share your faith, how to utilize your talents. As she prays in faith, God will guide her.